What to Expect:
Gracious Hospitality
Everyone is welcome and important at Our Savior’s! Jesus died and rose to new life so people can experience the fullness and abundance of God’s love.  We, who call ourselves his followers, are described in the Bible as being the body of Christ; we are His presence in this world.  How we interact and relate, how we treat everyone, is the way we share God’s love and salvation that takes people of differing races, sexes, ages, orientations, cultures and languages – molding us together in ways that give us deep meaning and true inspiration.
Meaningful Worship
Worship is at the center of our life.  Each week we take the time and make the effort to gather together with other followers of Jesus. We do this because it is important for us to express our love and gratitude; to receive from God his living Word and sacraments, which define and sustain us in our daily living. In our Lutheran form of worship everyone participates as a part of our joyful offering to God.

On any Sunday, you’ll find people at Our Savior’s of all ages from households of many sizes and configurations. We have no dress code or particular expectations about attire. Some folks may be in suits and dresses, while others will be more casually dressed. We’re simply delighted by all who come! Holy Communion is celebrated in both our 8:15 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. services each week.  Since it is not a Lutheran meal but rather the Lord’s meal, all baptized who believe that God is present in the bread and wine are welcome and encouraged to participate.   We’d love to know you were with us.  Please introduce yourself to Pastor and others around you. Children are always welcome in our worship services. We have a children’s message at each service every Sunday.  We look forward to seeing you!